It’s hard to say which LMS tool is really the best, as each company has its own specific needs. Therefore, before choosing a platform, it is essential that the company conducts research and talks to the right professionals.

 How Important Is It To HR?

As we have already said, the use of a good LMS platform can bring several benefits to the entire company, including HR. This is because, through this tool, it is possible to create and customize various types of reports within the virtual environment. These reports can be of great help to business management , as they make it easier for employees to verify adherence to courses.

It is crucial to emphasize that reports can assess behavioral trends, where it is possible to work to solve these problems and, thus, reduce the company ‘s turnover rate .

With the support of the LMS platform, HR will have:

More flexibility and ease in relation to challenges;

  •         More flexibility and ease in relation to challenges;
  •         Greater diversity in the available content;
  •         Centralized tools;
  •         Data storage;
  •         Effective and attractive training;
  •         Qualification and training of new talents;
  •         Better monitoring of results;
  •         More involvement with other sectors.

Main features Of LMS

It is important to correctly specify the features learning management system  that your company wants and needs when choosing an LMS, so that you can really identify which one to choose. However, there are some features that are essential, such as:

Performance control

When we talk about evaluation processes on an LMS platform, the situation is completely different from face-to-face. That’s because, everything is hosted on a single system and the student can receive immediate feedback without having to leave their home. In addition, the instructor can check the performance, the percentage of correct answers and what were the errors of each collaborator, as well as the general average of the group.


In addition to being able to carry out assessments from wherever you are, the platform can also have the face of the company. In this way, your business will show personality and increase the trust of potential customers. 

Content hosting

On an efficient and current LMS platform, it is possible to host the most diverse content formats, such as:

 Videos (including YouTube videos);


Power Points;




Online interaction

As everyone already knows, discussion is one of the most important parts of the learning process, and this is also included in this tool, as this type of LMS platform usually includes a forum, where it is possible to ask questions and talk to other people who are doing it. the same training. Through these discussions, employees can clear up their doubts, raise questions, resolve issues and talk to managers. If the worker wants to have a private dialogue with the professors or course managers, he can send a message directly from the platform. These activities help students identify with the course and encourage engagement .

 Issuance of certificates

An LMS platform is capable of issuing automatic certificates whenever a new course is completed. In this way, it is possible to know how many certificates have already been issued and what training the employee has completed.


In this article, we talk about what the LMS platform is, how it really works, we show what advantages it can bring to the company when applied and we also explain how this tool can make the company’s day to day easier. Therefore, as we said earlier, having a good program is essential for a business to be able to stand out and make its employees grow within the company. In addition to bringing more confidence, it also decreases churn .

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Have you ever thought about having a sector solely responsible for managing employees?

 Or rather, that this sector has qualified professionals to support doubts, being responsible for looking after health, for providing good bonuses and improving the quality of life of its employees? This is exactly what a people and management sector provides for companies, unlike the human resources system, this sector has its current objective to humanize all corporate systems. The sector is only responsible for directing the employee, functioning as a kind of differentiated SAC, focused on the internal public.

business analytics intelligence concept, financial charts to analyze profit and finance performance of company

 Although it is quite common for some organizations to assume that the human resources sector acts in the same way as the people and management sector, this is a mistake. HR for many years was a more operational sector, which aimed to balance the interests of the corporation and the employees. With this new management method, this new sector together with HR directly provides support for the benefit of leaders , new employees, old employees, emotional support and among others.

 Its main objective is the development of employees, improving their qualifications, skills, correcting faults and giving new perspectives of work so that the team is always engaged in new projects and businesses, always working together. Keeping an engaged and motivated team is the basis for building a high performance team. And for that, the people and management sector is essential. One of the pioneers to adopt this new method of funding for its employees was Ambev and over the years other companies have also adopted this method, according to a survey by Endeavor Brasil , in 2019 about 90% of organizations in Brazil adopted the new sector of People and Management after its 20 years of creation.